László Taubert

Hungarian, 1966

Taubert received his MFA from the Academy of Fine Art in Budapest where he also taught from 1993-95. Since the mid-nineties, his work has been exhibited extensively in Hungary as well as France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the United States. He has a number of pieces in public collections in Eastern and Western Europe as well as a museum dedicated to his own work in home country of Hungary.


Influenced by the early Kouros and Kore figures and mythic characters of archaic Greek and Egyptian statuary, Taubert’s work is hauntingly epic in form. His marble and bronze sculptures encompass the language of abstracted formalism while maintaining an element of stylized naturalism. Elegant and architectural, his work reveals his mastery of both the classical and contemporary idioms.

C.V. (Resume)


1996–1997 Advanced Artistic Studies JPTE, Pécs, Hungary
1990–1993 M.A. Degree, School of Fine Arts, Budapest
1985–1990 B.A. Degree, School of Fine Arts, Budapest

Professional Experience:
1993–1995 Teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest


**Individual Exhibitions:

 2015 Galerie Art Felicitas, Lichtenstein
 2014 Symbol Art, Budapest
 2013 Erdesz Gallery, Szentendre Hungary
 2010 Művészetek Háza, Tatabánya Hungary
 2010 Belvedere Gallery Budapest
2007 Smelik & Sokking Galerie, Den Haag, Holland
2007 Galerie Gabrielle Laroche, Paris
2006 Henrietta Lerner, Baden-Baden, Germany
2006 Erdész Light & Loft Gallery (with Barbara Sipos), Budapest
2006 Aulich Art Gallery (with group Morph), Budapest
2006 Hegyvidék Gallery Budapest
2004 Jesuit Chapel, Chaumont, France
2004 V.th. district Mayor Office, Paris
2003 Zinko Gallery, Paris
2002 Institut Hungary, Paris
2001 Ökollégium Art Gallery, Budapest
1996 Galerie Eremitage, Göttingen, Germany
1995 Galeria Vascello, Milano, Italy
1994 Charlotte Heming Gallery, Darmstadt, Germany
1994 Erlin Gallery, Budapest

**Selected Group Exhibitions:

 2016 Iliad, International, Art & Antiques show, Palm Beach, FL
 2015 Fiac Erdész Gallery Paris
2015 Insbruck Art Fair Galerie Art Felicitas Lichtenstein
 2015 Galerie Gabrielle Laroche, Paris
 2015 Exhibition of Hungaricons, Budapest
 2015 Dany Art, Design Paris
 2014 Fiac Erdesz Gallery, Paris
 2013 Galerie Gabrielle Laroche, Paris
2012 Fiac Erdesz Gallery, Paris
 2011 Dany Art, Design Paris
 2010 Erdész Gallery Szentendre, “Hungarian Artists In Paris”
2009 Smelik and Stokking “40 Year” Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Holland
2009 FIAC Erdész and Makláry Gallery, Paris
2004-2009 Autumn Exhibition of Hódmezôvásárhely, Hódmezôvásárhely, Hungary
2008 Iliad Gallery, Fall Antique Show, San Francisco, CA
2008 Iliad Gallery, Spring International Art & Antique Show, New York, NY
2007 Iliad Gallery, San Francisco Fall Antique Show, San Francisco, CA
2007 Iliad Gallery, Sea Fair International Art Exhibition, New York & Greenwich CT
2007 Iliad Gallery, Spring International Art and Antique Show, New York NY
2007 Iliad Gallery, Palm Beach International Art and Antique Fair, Palm Beach FL
2007 Iliad Gallery, International Art and Antique Show, New York NY
2006 Erdész Gallery Palm Beach International Art and Antique Fair, Palm Beach FL
1993 - 2005 Biennial Exhibition of Statuettes, Pécs, Hungary
2002 International Contemporary Exhibition, la Défense, Paris, France
2001–2002–2003 Autumn Salon, Paris, France
1997-1998 Gallery Erdész-Mensikoff, Cologne, Germany
1997 Exhibition of the Master Course Lahr, Germany
1997 Exhibition Corpus Museum of Hatvan, Hungary
1996 Medal Exhibition at the Biennial Exhibition of Medals, Sopron, Hungary
1995 Business Card Medals, OTP Galéria, Budapest
1995 Contemporary Sculpture in Hungary, Mûcsarnok, Budapest
1993 - 1995 Biennial Exhibition of Medals, Sopron, Hungary
1994 Exhibition of Small Statues, Vigadó, Budapest
1993 The Torso and Sculpture in Hungary, Városi Galéria, Miskolc, Hungary
1993 Quartett Foundation, University Stage, Budapest
1992 Foundation MHB, Kunsthalle, Budapest
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