French, 1909
Chanel is a French jeweler, clothing, cosmetics, and luxury goods company that truly requires no introduction. Perhaps best known for its signature 'Chanel no. 5' perfume and its haute couture "little black dress," it is the company's high-end jewelry that epitomized style, luxury, and glamour in the 20th Century, with its Camelia, Comete, and Baroque collections in particular captivating vintage and modern jewelry connoisseurs alike.
 Created by Coco Chanel herself, these highly precious diamond jewels are typically created with the attitude of the modern woman in mind, combing flowing, ready-to-wear shapes with adaptable functions and daring boldness. Chanel's High Jewelry line, which was founded in 1932, has even been described as "the gem equivalent of couture." Vintage Chanel Estate jewelry, earrings, necklaces & bags remain popular today.
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