Moderne Gallery

111 N. Third Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
United States
          Moderne Gallery has been internationally renowned for its high quality, vintage 20th Century furniture, lighting and accessories since 1984. More than 20,000 square feet on five floors of its historic building in the Old City section of Philadelphia are filled with an extensive inventory — from French and American Art Deco and French 1940’s —1950’s to exclusive Wharton Esherick pieces. In 1985 Moderne Gallery was the first gallery to promote the work of George Nakashima and still has the finest and largest selection in the US of his 1940’s-1980’s designs        


Robert Aibel Director

Robert Aibel is the founder and director of Moderne Gallery, which reflects his interests and passions.

Josh Aibel Director

Brought up surrounded by the furniture and decorative arts in which Moderne Gallery specialized, he joined the gallery in 2008 as an apprentice in the restoration studio.

Jason Joyce Director

Jason Joyce is director of our restoration studio, is Robert Aibel's nephew, rounding out what is essentially a family business. In the 1990's he began his association with Moderne Gallery as its manager.

John Eric Byers R3 Coffee Table by John Eric Byers
Revert End Tables Stools by John Eric Byers
John Eric Byers "Revert" End... H 20 in DIA 16 in $ 7,500
David Ebner Rocking Chair, 1976 H 31 in W 24 in D 32 in $ 19,500
David Ebner Corner Console by David Ebner
David Ebner Corner Console by David Ebner H 32 in W 32 in D 31 in $ 7,500
David Ebner Desk Suite by David Ebner
David Ebner Desk Suite by David Ebner H 30 in W 48 in D 29 in $ 37,500
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