Solomon Treasure

1050 Second Ave
New York City, NY 10022
United States
          For four generations, Solomon Treasure has obtained a reputation for dealing in rare and important 18th - 19th century antiques and fine art. 

Solomon Treasure began it’s incredible journey in the late nineteenth century. My Great Grandfather started as a Goldsmith and then my Grandfather began selling Baccarat glass chandeliers to the Shah of Iran, Government Officials and all Heads of State. Solomon Treasure was born. My father continued his journey to Italy and then to New York City where he opened a prestigious gallery and started building a worldwide client list from Tokyo, Moscow, and The Middle East. 

With such rich history and importance of family and proficiency in rare collections, Solomon Treasure's passion is for rare and important items. Ranging from the First French Empire Napoleon Neoclassical, to the highly eclectic style of Napoleon III and the exoticism of Japonisme. Not limited to Middle Eastern Islamic items as well as unique Art Deco pieces. 

The gallery, based in the center of Manhattan, offers rare and extensive selections of antiques, fine art, jewelry and many acclaimed signed pieces. Our clientele list includes interior designers, museums, private collectors, royal families and the trade. We pride ourselves in our exceptional knowledge we can offer our clients during the purchasing process. 

Mory Talasazan, Director        
Electroplate Islamic Alhambra Model Casket Box by Rafael Contreras Granada Spain
Hold H
Electroplate Islamic... H 7 in W 9 in DIA 5 in $ 7,200
French Cloisonne Champleve... H 16 in W 8 in DIA 8 in $ 2,500
Magnificent Antique... H 11 in W 9 in DIA 5 in $ 6,500
Pair of French Orientalist ... H 25 in W 16 in DIA 7 in $ 15,000
Gorgeous KPM Berlin... H 10 in W 12 in DIA 1 in $ 15,000
Pair of French Ormolu... H 20 in W 18 in DIA 7 in $ 15,000
Kipp Soldwedel Kipp Soldwedel Operation... H 58 in W 80 in DIA 3 in $ 55,000
Pair of French Ormolu and... H 31 in W 15 in DIA 6 in $ 12,000
Enamel Gold and Rock... H 9 in W 3 in DIA 2 in $ 125,000
French "Japonisme"... H 11 in W 6 in DIA 5 in $ 5,000
Hans Zatzka Hans Zatzka, 'Austrian... H 34 in W 25 in DIA 4 in $ 20,000
Important Ormolu and... H 19 in W 15 in DIA 9 in $ 35,000
Édouard Lièvre Rare Pair of French... H 3 in W 15 in DIA 9 in $ 17,500
Guglielmo Zocchi "... H 36 in W 44 in DIA 3 in $ 12,500
22-Karat Indian Gold Enamel... H 1 in W 1 in DIA 1 in $ 6,000
Exquisite Pair Japanese... H 12 in W 4 in DIA 3 in $ 4,250
Pair of Antique French... H 14 in W 8 in DIA 8 in $ 2,000
French Patinated Bronze... H 17 in W 14 in DIA 14 in $ 3,750
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