First Coast Oncology Jacksonville, FL

With an investment of approximately $30 million, Jacksonville, Florida’s First Oncology Center, will be able to treat about 30 patients a day. This 10K+ sq/ft facility boasts warm, sinuous and inviting shapes, colors and elements, designed from the ground up by Drake Design Associates. The womb-like spaces give a healing message to patients, whether it is the contemplative vaulted ceilings, or the rounded couches found in the lobby. The large curved wall that greets you in the lobby uses intricately cut tiles made from mahogany. Natural skylights throughout the space brings a natural and organic feel. The carpet used in the facility has a water-like quality that evokes a cleansing element. A mixture of blue and green colors in the carpet mixes nicely with the majority of the fabrics that have an optimistic viewpoint in mainly primary colors. Bold choices of color used strategically throughout the rooms gives in that Drake Design flair.
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