Roberto Giulio Rida

Italian, 1943
Roberto Giulio Rida's work is ever changing because of his passion for exploration and his need to constantly challenge himself. His pieces are uniquely Rida. Bold, fun, sophisticated, and cerebral, they are unmatched in their expressiveness and craftsmanship. Much of his work is the result of research and experimentation. A modern Italian furniture master, his designs are typified by his use of unrepeatable materials such as Murano glass that is no longer in production, and salvaged elements of value, often basing the size and number of his editions on the quantity of materials available. His production standards are of the highest level, and Rida will often travel Italy to find the perfect craftsman able to bend a piece of glass in just the right way or join two pieces of metal that are seemingly incompatible. Inspired by plants, animals, and all aspects of nature, he energizes his pieces through his bold use of color and form.
Roberto is represented by many major galleries throughout the USA and Europe. His work has been shown at prestigious art and design fairs such as, The Salon-NYC, Collective Design,  Design Miami, & Design Miami Basel, PAD, Paris & London.
Roberto Giulio Rida Desk Chair H 27 in W 26 in D 23 in $ 27,500
Roberto Giulio Rida 2-Tier Side Table By Robert... H 29 in DIA 11 in $ 7,500
Roberto Giulio Rida Pair of Table Lamps by... H 31 in W 11 in D 7 in $ 15,500
Roberto Giulio Rida Trapezoidal Mirror by... H 50 in W 38 in D 2 in $ 45,000
Roberto Giulio Rida Magnificent 6'... H 20 in W 72 in D 17 in Request Price
Roberto Giulio Rida "Calle," Unique... H 71 in W 14 in D 10 in $ 45,000
Roberto Giulio Rida Roberto Giulio Rida Large... H 44 in W 14 in D 9 in $ 11,500
Roberto Giulio Rida N10750 Cabinet by Roberto... H 34 in W 36 in D 19 in $ 45,000
Roberto Giulio Rida Modernist Console Table by... H 34 in W 45 in D 15 in $ 29,000
Roberto Giulio Rida 'Diamante Murano'... H 6 in DIA 6 in $ 8,000
Roberto Giulio Rida "Diamante Murano"... H 6 in DIA 6 in $ 8,000
Roberto Giulio Rida N10759 Pair of Mirrors by... H 39 in W 39 in D 4 in $ 25,000
Roberto Giulio Rida Set of Four Nickeled and... H 21 in W 6 in D 8 in $ 9,500
Roberto Giulio Rida N10755 "Elefantini... H 45 in W 47 in D 16 in $ 35,000
Roberto Giulio Rida Pair of "Velluto"... H 40 in W 40 in D 3 in $ 39,000
Roberto Giulio Rida Roberto Giulio Rida Modern... H 38 in W 18 in D 16 in $ 13,500
Roberto Giulio Rida Pair of Lamps by Roberto... H 24 in W 10 in $ 19,500
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