Evergreen Antiques

200 Lexington Avenue, 10th Floor
New York City, NY 10016
United States
          Evergreen Antiques was founded in 1982 in NYC with the vision to bring unique collections of Scandinavian furniture and design to New York. Now in its fourth decade, Evergreen’s collections now include furniture from the first half of the 20th Century, but still hail primarily from the Northern European and Scandinavian regions. Today, 19th Century period pieces sit comfortably alongside early workshop Modernist furniture from the Danish Nyantik and Swedish Grace periods. True to our founding vision, Evergreen believes in comfortable stylish interiors, be they contemporary or traditional. In our Modernist pieces from the Early 20th Century, as well as in those from the 19th Century Neoclassical period, you will find that clean lines and classic design make them suited to a diverse range of interiors. Evergreen Antiques currently operates out of the New York Design Center (NYDC) at 200 Lexington Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10016, where you can visit our showrooms and see our ever-changing collections of period furnishings. Sourced and selected to meet the criteria of our discerning clientele, our expanded collection can also be viewed on the web at incollect.com. With bespoke service and attention to detail, Evergreen continues to be regarded as one of New York’s preferred sources for period Scandinavian furniture and decorative pieces.        
A Pair of Swedish Mahogany ... H 37 in W 26 in D 25 in $ 10,500
Frits Henningsen A Pair of Frits Henningsen... H 45 in W 16 in D 16 in $ 8,900
Carl Malmsten Swedish Carl Malmsten... H 29 in W 44 in D 17 in $ 6,800
Karl Johan A Swedish Karl Johan... H 31 in W 90 in D 27 in $ 6,800
Frits Henningsen Frits Henningsen Mahogany... H 28 in W 49 in D 26 in $ 8,500
Frits Henningsen Frits Henningsen Box Form... H 29 in W 78 in D 30 in $ 19,500
Karl Johan A Swedish Karl Johan Birch... H 29 in DIA 40 in $ 11,000
Frits Henningsen A Set of Six Danish... H 32 in W 22 in D 22 in $ 29,400
Karl Johan A Swedish Karl Johan... H 72 in W 28 in D 15 in $ 7,500
Swedish Birchwood Planter,... H 26 in W 25 in D 15 in $ 2,800
Frits Henningsen An Interesting Rosewood... H 21 in DIA 19 in $ 4,200
Seven Swedish Granite... H 2 in W 2 in D 2 in $ 1,225
An Oversize Danish Modern... H 42 in W 32 in D 36 in $ 4,500
A Swedish Alder Root Box,... H 3 in W 8 in D 5 in $ 850
Danish Neoclassical Inlaid... H 29 in W 52 in D 15 in $ 4,400
A Pair of Swedish... H 18 in W 16 in D 15 in $ 5,200
Ole Wanscher Ole Wanscher Rosewood... H 53 in W 29 in D 19 in $ 8,800
Swedish Art Deco Walnut and... H 30 in W 28 in D 28 in $ 4,800
Fredrik Fiedler Swedish Röllakan Rug,... W 96 in D 66 in $ 3,800
Finely Carved Recumbent... H 9 in W 18 in D 7 in $ 3,800
Bent Karlby Bent Karlby Brass Table... H 18 in DIA 16 in $ 3,200
Ole Wanscher Ole Wanscher Brazilian... H 29 in W 75 in D 41 in $ 25,000
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