Robert Funk Fine Art

          You'll find an eclectic group of art works at Robert Funk Fine Art. 43 years of experience has shaped Director Robert Funk's multi-perspective approach to presenting art. As an undergrad in painting, he studied with great teachers such as first-generation abstract expressionist Robert Richenburg and hyper-realist painter Janet Fish. In Graduate School he worked with famed critic E.C. Goossen and went on to work as a Photographer, New York Advertising Art Director, and Art Collector. These diverse experiences made his thinking go outside the buzz of the myopic art world.

He believes the commercial art world acts as a primary source for the fine art world. "The big secret…most fine art outright copies commercial art. The unsung heroes of fine art exhibit their work in supermarkets, retail stores, TV and in factories." In addition to art sales, Robert has an art advisory service and works closely with private collectors in forming collections that will be relevant in the years to come. "There are so many great works of art of high quality out there at reasonable prices, but are overlooked because they are not in vogue. We try to train clients to look beyond the recent phenomena of database pricing to determine the value of a work. We encourage collectors to be students of Art History rather students of art prices."        
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Edmund D Lewandowski Sail Boats
Edmund D. Lewandowski Sail Boats H 26 in W 20 in $ 14,000
Mitchell Funk Elephants in Mexico, Life... H 40 in W 60 in $ 7,500
Robert Funk Forest of Glass H 40 in W 60 in $ 4,500
Federico Beltran-Masses Mesmerizing Woman with Diamond H 21 in W 18 in $ 26,000
Mitchell Funk Umbrellas Abstract H 29 in W 43 in $ 4,400
Antonio Lopez Halston, Vogue Magazine... H 16 in W 11 in $ 7,600
Mitchell Funk Red Sun. Green Skyline,... H 40 in W 60 in $ 7,500
Bernie Fuchs Love in San Francisco H 20 in W 19 in $ 16,500
Charles Addams Stop Make Forfeit H 12 in W 11 in $ 16,000
Charles Addams Miss Universe H 18 in W 13 in $ 16,000
Mitchell Funk Manhattan Puffy Clouds H 40 in W 60 in $ 6,800
Leon Kroll Miss Carolyn Edmunson H 18 in W 15 in $ 20,000
Antonio Lopez Vogue Magazine Fashion... H 20 in W 13 in $ 8,400
Fletcher Martin Bullfight H 48 in W 36 in $ 16,500
Robert Funk Gun Hill Road H 29 in W 43 in $ 4,600
Mitchell Funk Ocean Drive, South Beach H 40 in W 60 in $ 6,500
Francoise Gilot Lion at Delos
Francoise Gilot Lion at Delos H 7 in W 9 in $ 21,000
Mitchell Funk Louse Point View, East Hampton H 43 in W 29 in $ 4,500
Francoise Gilot African Violets H 8 in W 11 in $ 12,500
Alex Grey Body, Mind and Spirit H 30 in W 24 in $ 95,000
Joseph Stella Still Life of Books and... H 23 in W 17 in $ 70,000
Mitchell Funk Manhattan: United Nations,... H 43 in W 39 in $ 3,800
William Zorach Quebec City H 13 in W 10 in $ 29,000
Mitchell Funk Arrows and Red Sun, Modern... H 60 in W 40 in $ 7,800
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