Dorothy Draper

American, 1889 - 1969
Dorothy Draper was an American interior decorator known for her anti-minimalist, bright colored and large print style. Draper created a style known as "Modern Baroque"-which added a modern touch to a classical style. Draper's legacy as an icon of American interiror design can be found in her work for the Carlyle Hotel, Sherry-Netherland in NY, the Drake in Chicago, the Fairmont in SF and the Palacio Quintandinha in Petropolis, in Rio. She also designed the The Greenbrier in West Virginia. Draper was hired by Packard in the 1950s to harmonize the colors and fabrics of their automobiles. One of her last projects was the 1957 International Hotel at Idewild Airport (JFK) in New York. 
Dorothy Draper Furniture
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