Jacques Jarrige

French, 1962

Jacques Jarrige is known for his unique vocabulary of sculptural forms that he applies to furniture, lighting, sculpture and jewelry. The works carry within his gesture, a back and forth dialogue with the material, a hesitation of the line that draws captivating and moving biomorphic forms in space. He works primarily with humble materials: plywood, MDF, aluminum or brass.
Searching for the undiluted translation of his own physical and mental reality into an object, the Parisian sculptor makes no distinction between art and design — his delicate plywood furniture contains as much of himself as his mobiles or his jewelry. 
With his tender, labor-intensive attention to mundane matter he bestows refinement and energy on his objects and at times the deep gleam of lacquer or the vivid marks of his hammer on brass.

Jacques Jarrige lives and work in Paris.

**Video, Portrait and Studio Photography by Claire Le Douaron** 

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