Paul Frankl

American, 1886 - 1958
Paul Theodore Frankl was born in Vienna in 1886. After emigrating to the United States in 1914, he began designing stage sets for New York’s Theater Guild before venturing into furniture design. Frankl’s earlier works were influenced by the architecture of Manhattan. Dubbed the “Skyscraper” series, the tall, slender desks, chests of drawers and dressers, and cupboards remain some of Frankl’s best known designs. In the early 1930s, Frankl relocated to Los Angeles and moved beyond the Art Deco realm, experimenting with Asian-inspired motifs and new materials such as hardwoods, bamboo, lacquer, rattan, cork, and denim. Reflective of their origin, these later works were lighter and more pared down than their predecessors. Frankl owned a gallery in Beverly Hills that attracted a number of celebrity clients, including Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and Alfred Hitchcock. Frankl authored numerous books and was revered as an authority on American Modernism. Paul Frankl died in Los Angeles in 1958. He was 71. Paul Frankl furniture & designs remain popular today. 
Paul Frankl Restored Square Pretzel... H 32 in W 101 in D 36 in $ 7,500
Paul Frankl Paul Frankl Coffee Table H 14 in W 47 in D 35 in $ 15,500
Paul Frankl Cork Low Table by Paul Frankl H 13 in W 72 in D 21 in $ 10,500
Paul Frankl Paul Frankl Combed Wood... H 34 in W 66 in D 20 in $ 3,200
Paul Frankl console, model 5008 H 29 in W 40 in D 20 in $ 2,200
Paul Frankl Paul Frankl Tall Chest of... H 45 in W 40 in D 20 in $ 5,200
Paul Frankl Paul Frankl Rare Four-Piece... H 55 in W 48 in D 18 in $ 8,990
Paul Frankl Rare Mid-Century Paul... H 37 in W 60 in D 20 in $ 9,800
Paul Frankl Paul Frankl King-Size... H 35 in W 80 in D 3 in $ 2,400
Paul Frankl Paul Frankl Low Cork Table H 12 in W 84 in D 21 in $ 14,500
Paul Frankl Paul Frankl Cork Top Coffee... H 14 in W 47 in D 35 in $ 16,800
Paul Frankl Paul Frankl Bleached Walnut... H 24 in W 24 in D 17 in $ 5,800
Paul Frankl Rare Paul Frankl Swivel... H 23 in W 23 in D 20 in $ 3,600
Paul Frankl Coffee table designed by... H 14 in DIA 48 in $ 12,500
Paul Frankl PAUL FRANKL CORK TOP COFFEE... H 14 in W 43 in D 43 in $ 14,000
Paul Frankl PAUL FRANKL ART DECO CLOCK H 8 in W 6 in D 3 in $ 3,800
Paul Frankl Exceptional Cork Top Bench... H 12 in W 84 in D 21 in $ 16,800
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