was one of the very first antique/art deco businesses to have an online, worldwide presence . In addition to our highly regarded past retail stores in San Francisco, and our current showroom-by-appointment in Oakland California,we have maintained a website for over 15 years specializing in the finest European and American furniture, glass, ceramics, statues, art deco lighting fixtures, ironwork, silverware, clocks, carpets and more. Some of our specialties are bars and cocktail accessories, custom upholstered seating, tables and consoles and a wide variety of  furnishings for homes, offices and commercial spaces.

Art Deco Furniture
We feature well documented antiques from the ornamental early Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods with their rich use of materials, mixed woods and metalwork. And you will also see examples of sleek,”Streamline Moderne” design from the 1930s and 1940s.  Also offered are vintage pieces that have undergone restoration and transformation to become something even more refined and spectacular.        
 Sabino Art Glass Sabino Glass Art Deco Pair of Table Lamps
Sabino Art Glass Sabino Glass Art Deco Pair... H 16 in W 5 in D 5 in Request Price
 Stow Davis Furniture Co Professional Art Deco Desk by Stow and Davis
Stow & Davis Furniture Co. Professional Art Deco Desk... H 29 in W 67 in D 37 in Request Price
Kurt Versen Convertible Mid Century Deco Floor Lamp by Kurt Versen
Kurt Versen Convertible Mid Century... H 56 in W 19 in DIA 11 in Request Price
William Hunt Diederich Art Deco Wilhelm Hunt... H 26 in W 7 in D 4 in Request Price
Christofle Complete Christofle... H 31 in W 22 in D 16 in Request Price
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