ISA - Bergamo / I.S.A., Italy

Italian furniture manufacturer I.S.A. (Industria Salotti e Arredamenti) -also known as ISA, ISA Bergamo and ISA, Italy, was founded in Ponte San Pietro a village outside of Bergamo sometime near the late 1940s. The company produced designs of Gio Ponti and advertised in leading magazines like Domus. By the 1950s, ISA had become a household name in Italian furniture manufacturing and employed close to 400 workers. ISA also worked with Veronesi, Morbelli and Fiori. In 1960 ISA acquired the licences to produce the "Sheriff chair" by Sergio Rodrigues and also the Holmenkollen chair by Arne Tidemand Ruud. Vintage ISA furniture chairs remain popular worldwide. 
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